Report and Support

Content Warning: Sexual assault.

When I was sexually harassed by one of my flatmate’s friends the Uni literally just wouldn’t move me to a different accommodation. I had to get well-being services involved and make a report to the report and support system about it (specifically requesting that the only outcome I needed was to be moved, I had no desire to press charges or anything) and it still ended up taking 5 weeks and intervention from one of my lecturers who personally reached out to other staff to get me moved (I was told that it was taking a while because they had to air out rooms after people moved because of covid, but the room I ended up moving into had literally been empty the entire year). I made it super clear to the Uni on multiple occasions through multiple avenues that I had been violated as a direct result of my living situation and did not feel safe where I was but there was either not enough communication between all of these departments or nobody cared.

I moved into my flat and shortly after this, a guy said he wanted to see my boobs – I ignored it thinking that’s typical of guys. Then he sent me messages about sending nudes (this is important) Our flat held a party in our kitchen and without going into detail he pinned me to the wall and assaulted me. After a day, I reported it and requested to move flats for my safety. The University said they would do nothing and asked what I was wearing. I then went to Student Services and sat there crying a lot and they once again told me to go back and if anything else happens to ring Security. Finally, after a few days and numerous phone calls I was forced to give his name (I really didn’t want to as all my stuff was in the accommodation and I had to go back there). after a week of calls and emails they moved me into a conference hotel where I was completely isolated for 3 weeks!

In first year I was showering in my ensuite bathroom when I suddenly heard noises in my room. I quickly turned the shower off and called out, really panicking! A man shouted back “don’t worry love, it’s just Maintenance, I’m just checking your fire alarm, stay in there I’ll be done in a second.” Obviously I was terrified, since it was an ensuite I hadn’t taken any clothes in the shower with me and only had my towel. I felt really vulnerable and scared. From then on I was always terrified of showering in my room. I had locked my door, but they have master keys to get in. To be honest, I was scared all the time when sleeping etc. because if they could come in when I was showering, they could when I was asleep or changing too!
I never had any warning that they were coming round, I didn’t hear them knock (if they did) as I was in the shower. They 100% would have heard the shower was on before they came in because you can hear them walking past without even trying! It made me scared that I could have not heard and walked straight out naked, or I could have been asleep and woken up to a member of staff in my room, honestly horrible experience and I never felt safe in halls again after that!

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