Content Warning: Eating disorders, sexual assault.

During first term a security guard approached me and started to make small talk. After this he told me that his shift ended in 30 minutes and he would come back to my block if I wanted to join him. I obviously did not leave my room after that and did NOT join him but I kind of just thought it was weird and forgot about it. People speaking out made me realise that it’s not okay to just forget about it and move on.

When told that someone with an ED hadn’t eaten for almost a week security said “Oh I’m on a diet too”.

One member of security didn’t know what transgender meant and thought we said “Transcender”.

They came into a room when I was undressed, I asked them to give me a minute and to go outiside the room while I got dressed but they refused and told me to wrap the blanket around myself while they started taking pictures of the room (stuff like cigarettes by the window etc).

In my first year of Uni (2018/19) , I was really struggling with adjusting into Uni due to dealing with trauma and also due to being autistic – it was quite a struggle getting used to being on my own. I used to have panic attacks on a regular basis and when these did happen Campus Security were called out. I’ve had multiple experiences with different people literally shouting at me whilst I’m having a panic attack – because they thought I was faking it for attention. I’ve had other situations, where I’ve been physically ill and needed medical assistance and so I’ve called 111. Due to the serious nature of it they’ve sent out an ambulance, and campus security has come and they have repeatedly told the paramedics that I have mental health problems and am making it up. On one occasion I had paramedics from Coventry hospital start searching through my drawers having a go at me and asking “where’s my medication” – because Campus Security has told them that I’m crazy.

I’m anaemic so I tend to feel dizzy and stuff a lot of time. So I was leaving the library with a friend and I felt so dizzy and I literally just dropped to the floor. Again campus security came and recognised it was me and started acted super aggressive. I was really dizzy so I was holding on to stuff to support myself and then we went in to the lift and they literally pushed me into the corner of the lift. I went downstairs and they escorted me to a taxi home, which my friend paid for, and they drove behind the taxi until I got home. I got out and I was still feeling really dizzy. I was holding on to my friend and they were shouting at me “let go of her walk by yourself” , so I did. I was holding on to the door frame and I was walking slow, cause I felt like I was literally going to pass out any second. They were shouting at me and laughing at me. I was so dizzy I just dropped on the floor and they continued to shout at me over and over. It got so bad that my RLT actually made a complaint about the way they treated me because they overheard the whole thing, and some inappropriate comments were made to him about me that I was crazy and they were laughing about it. 2/3 days after, I was admitted into hospital about the same health issue these people said I was making up.

My friend got spiked and was sexually assaulted but all the security cared about was covid regulations and said she shouldn’t have been outside in the first place.

One time I was pinned to a wall by the arts centre in broad daylight, and when I tried to talk to security they said I must have done something to encourage the behaviour. There was only one gentleman (whose name I cannot remember) who took me seriously, but even then nothing was done about it.

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