SU/University Services

Content Warning: Sexual assault.

I was spiked in the copper rooms and started to black out, I remember throwing up in the bathroom when a male first aider walked into the cubicle and grabbed me by my clothes and dragged me out and made me sit on this emergency fire exit staircase area until I felt better. He must have thought I was drunk but regardless, I was in a really vulnerable position and the fact I was made to sit on my own in this empty stairwell, not knowing where I was, was terrifying. I could barely walk and make sense of what was happening and I really wish I had been offered more help, rather than having been handled quite roughly by a member of staff after having been spiked. Luckily a few of my flat mates found me and helped me get home, but it’s scary to think what could have happened to me if they hadn’t found me.

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